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Training in Solihull

Following your meeting with the Solihull Scouts Appointment Committee you will need to complete and validate Modules 1, 2 & 3 within 5 months of your provisional appointment being issued to enable your appointment to become ’Full’.  Section Assistants only need to complete Modules 1 and 3.

Your online Adult’s Personal File can be found following this link:

Modules will need to be validated before your full warrant can be issued.  Contact your GSL who may be able to tell you if there is someone in your Group who is able to validate you.

Managerial roles, i.e. Group Scout Leaders, ACCs, ADCs etc; will need to complete and validate Modules 01, 02 and 04, to enable their appointment to become ’Full’. Manager’s Training is organised through the Regional Training Manager following this link:

Autism Awareness

Scouts HQ have partnered with the National Autistic Society (NAS) to enable adults in Scouting to access their e-learning modules on autism.

Find out more below

Ongoing Learning

These three training courses are part of your ongoing learning and can be completed online. Once completed please save the certificate to your own computer and use the bottom button to share it with us so we can update your record.

Safeguarding and Safety modules will need to be repeated once every five years, the GDPR module needs to be completed by all members, no validation is needed for these modules.

First Aid, module 10, will need to be refreshed every three years, see Training Calendar for course details.

Local Learning

If there is a training course that you need to attend run by a neighbouring scout county then you will need to contact them to arrange your attendance. If attending that training costs you any money then please let us know so we can re-pay you – Please note that this repayment will only be for Wood Badge related training. If in doubt, contact us for clarification.

First Aid Training

Blended Model

In 2022, The Scouts approved the use of the ‘Blended Model’ of First Aid Training, this consists of Module 10A – a theory based module & Module 10B – a practical based module. 

We have partnered up with Hampshire and Coventry Counties to make First Aid Training and Flexible as possible. 

To complete the Blended Model, you will need to first need to complete the eLearning provided by Hampshire Scouts

You will then need to complete a zoom session, again facilitated by Hampshire Scouts. 

You will then need to complete a face-to-face Module 10B session using the diary below.

Face-To-Face Model

Face-to-face first aid training is often done at local Scout meeting places. It contains both theory (10A) and practical (10B) modules, and can be delivered in one single six hour session or three separate two hour sessions. You can see these session in the diary below. 

If delivered as three 2hr sessions, these sessions are shown below as: 

– Major Illness

– Trauma & Injury

– Life Support

You must attend all three sessions to complete your First Aid Training. 

First Aid at Work

If you have a First Aid at Work Qualification then you can complete this form below to complete the missing requirements for The Scouts First Aid Module

Upcoming Courses

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