Training Report

Training Report

During the past year we have seen some considerable changes to training, both in attitude and methods.  Leaders are appreciating that not only is it a requirement and commitment but also provides a benefit to them and their sections with new skills and knowledge to achieve more balance within their programmes.

The major overhaul has been in the Management and Supporters role (i.e. Commissioners/GSL’s) where training has been specifically aimed at managing and growing of their specialist field of Scouting – group/district/county level.  The scheme has been trialled and run for approximately 12 months and so far the feedback from those who have done the courses is very complimentary.

Additional training for section leadership is also being planned particularly with regard to Inclusion Modules (Special Needs).  This was left as optional some years ago but is now regarded as essential.  HQ have partnered with the National Autistic Society (NAS) to enable adults in Scouting to access ‘e’ learning modules on autism.  There are 3 modules to complete: (1) Understanding Autism, (2) Autism Sports and Physical Activity, and (3) Autism Stress and Anxiety.

Each module  should take approximately 1 hour to complete with an assessment at the end.  Access can be found through Compass, Training, then on to the Modules Schedule.

As a County we have now begun to run some ‘Getting Started’ Modules and hopefully over the next few months the numbers of additional modules will be expanded.  We are trying to eventually have complete training within the County which should make it more convenient for all our leaders.  All training dates and venues are published on the web site.

Thank you to everyone who helps deliver the training, both as presenters and training advisers.  Without your input we could not run the courses. 

County Training Manager