Youth Shaped Report

Youth Shaped Report

This year has seen further progression with youshaping Solihull! We have been able to transform groups who had no idea about the youshape initiative, and even knock down some boundaries with leaders who may not have agreed with youshaping (yes- unbelievable!). We’ve been able to help young people have an impact on their own scouting journey yet again. As leaders, by allowing your young people have their views and ideas heaed it means they’ll be able to get more out of scouting, purely because its what they’ve chosen to do rather than being told what to do! By taking part in youshape you’ll soon start to realise the potential and imagination your young people really do have, from beavers through to explorers, who will thrive on your trust and faith!

As part of my role, I attended the Imoveit skills weekend, at Blackwell court. This was an event held for 18-25 year olds who currently or in the future will hold managerial roles without scouting. This was a weekend with other young people in the region where we were taught managerial skills, life skills and communication skills. From this, I was able to take back some ideas and some skills, which I have been able to use with my Youth commissioner role.

February was youshaped month, the last one that the scout association plans to run. This year we encouraged groups to do something on an individual and group led basis to help with their program and event planning.

The end of 2018 started the discussion around ‘mini managerial skills’ weekend. This weekend occurred in January 2019, where we really did see some great potential! The young people (of all sections) took part in games, leadership skills, team working, individual work, communication skill and importantly had fun! This led to positive feedback from the leaders and young people alike, meaning we are running this again! We’re proud to say we expect this to be a rolling event, which will take part every year, hopefully twice a year. The next ‘mini managerial skills’ weekend will be the end of September. Please come and join us!

We have also planned for the young leaders in the county to organise an event or a day out for one of the younger sections in scouting. This is something they will have the entire free run of choosing (with some direction!) including the section, the venue, the activities and every little minor detail required. This will then lead to them being able to see just how much planning goes into events in scouting whilst giving them leadership skills which are vital to them in scouting, and as life skills. We hope to meet with the young leaders at the end of this year to allow them a few months of planning their events, where they will be split into smaller groups to have a focus area of the day (such as budgeting, activities, travel and minor arrangements required) which will hopefully be undertaken in April next year.

Lastly, I would like to thank Charlotte, Blythe Youth Commissioner, the other half my Youth commissioner team! She works tirelessly and has some amazing ideas, which have helped bridge the gap to make Solihull more you shaped over the last year! If theres anyone who would like to be Cole youth commissioner, please let us know, we’d love to work with you!

County Youth Commissioner