Activities Report

Activities Report

With many reports for you all to read this year I’m going to keep mine as short and sweet as possible. 

Firstly though this is my last report as ACC Activities as I took the decision earlier this year to stand down from my role, and to join the county training team. I’d like to thank Shirley, the ACC team, my county advisors and all county leaders for your help and support over my three years as ACC Activities. Until a replacement is appointed I’m still happy to field any questions. I also wish my successor all the best within this role.

This year my role has predominantly been in an advisory capacity. Many of you have come forward with questions regarding the activities provision within the county and the opportunity’s to acquire permits for activities. In some instances I’ve relied on my activity advisors or people have gone straight to them. I’d like to thank Andy, Bob, Brian and Trevor for there support over the past year with the help they give to the county in there respective advisory roles. And please do continue to ask questions of any of us for those things burning away.

I’m please to be able to say that our permit holder list on the county has increased this year, which is great to see that you want to conduct activities yourselves at every opportunity. Springing straight to mind are new tomahawk instructors and people progressing through their kayak permits.

If there are any permits for activities we don’t have assessors for as I’m able to advise you where there is a provision to get you signed off.

If you have any questions about a permit you hold then please do talk to me and I can advise as best as I can.

Assistant County Commissioner Activities (Out Going)