Thank you!

7 Jun

Thank you!

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I’m writing this at the end of Volunteers Week and my social media has been full of videos, images and messages celebrating the difference that volunteers make to our communities. This includes, of course, all of the amazing adults who give up their time so that young people in Solihull can be involved in Scouting.


Over the course of the last 12 weeks so many of our volunteers have risen to the challenge and kept Scouting going in some form or another. For some this has meant embracing video technology and for others it’s been about pouring over badge requirements to see what can be done from home. Resources such as, Online Scout Manager, the Scouts’ Zoom Pro licence offer and all of the Scouting-related Facebook groups have probably helped, but it’s been your determination to keep going for the sake of the young people that has inspired me the most.


On 17th March we were told we were suspending Scouting – I could never have imagined how wrong that would turn out to be! So thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything you are doing to keep Scouting going in Solihull. 


Shirley Brookes, County Commissioner