New County Website

3 Mar

New County Website

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The new county website is now live and full of amazing features which will enhance Scouting in Solihull and make it easier for leaders. You’ll also be able to hear more about what’s going on around the county and what our members are up to!

A brand new website, created from scratch by our very own people is designed to work on all platforms and screens of all sizes so you can get the information you need, wherever you are!

From today, all NAN Forms can be submitted through the county website, the form will collect all the data we need and it will be securely shared with the people that need it.

A brand new calendar includes all upcoming training modules and validation dates and lets you RSVP to let us know you’re attending. You can also see everything that is going on across the county so if you’ve got an event you want to feature then let us know!

All notices and news stories will be instantly distributed across the website and social channels from good news stories, blogs from our young people out on their adventures (Jamboree, Moots, Roverways etc), information from our youth commissioners, district and county notices and many other informative sources from outside of the county!

If you’re not sure who to contact about a particular problem or issue, the new contact form will put your email straight in to the inbox of the person who needs to see it. If they’re not on the list, then send it to general enquiries and we’ll make sure it gets to them!

If people are contacting you about either getting a place for their child in scouting or are looking to volunteer, at the top of every page is the ‘Join Us’ link to a short form designed to collect all the information we need to make sure we can help them as quickly as possible. This will be a great central resource to make your day to day scouting easier!

Future plans for the website include Award Nominations, County HQ information, Activity Permit Applications and whatever you want it to be, this is your county website, we can only make it as good as you want it to be if we know what that is! So contact us today and let us know what else you need!