Nepalese diaries – what we learnt from Yazz and the Plastic Population

28 Apr

Nepalese diaries – what we learnt from Yazz and the Plastic Population

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B7EFC448-C285-495A-81AC-FDDABD64598D.jpegThis morning was fairly ‘normal’ if that word can be used whilst trekking in Nepal. Bags were packed tightly to the zip, breakfasts were consumed, bladders were filled (water and bodily) and we set off at 8am.

Today was hard, but yet it didn’t always feel that way. This was in part due to me not sweating so much due to my audacious choice of shorts and a T-shirt as we ascended 1200m today. But I mostly think this was due to improved team spirit. In previous days, to use a cycling analogy, various members of us, myself included, acted like a peloton – all gathered around the lead guide as if we were awaiting Thomas de Gendt to leap up the road for us to chase. In short, it was brisk but mentally challenging.

Yet this morning we walked in single file, mostly mixed in ability and as such spoke far more and it made passing time easier. It also meant that I was able to revise microeconomic formulas ahead of mock exams next week. A win-win.

The route itself was steep and largely in forest, good for humidity, bad for motivation with the route seemingly endlessly curving and arching its way through oaks, rhododendrons and sadly, rubbish scattered along the route. A sad state of affairs.

This afternoon, after a lunch of warm chapattis, the path continued upward though this time in drizzly weather, forcing me to wear waterproofs over my precious shirt and shorts. There is however, a good photo of me in shorts and a coat beside our trekking path which had by 3200m, turned snow-capped.

This will continue tomorrow though we will only have a net gain of 100m if height. Tomorrow is intended to be acclimatising and as such is very undulating. So far altitude sickness, and general illnesses have mostly avoided us but the next two days are likely to cause the biggest concern for our bodies as we head further up into the sky towards the spiritual lake at Gosainkunda.

Nevertheless, right now I am sat in the tea hut whilst others attempt to watch a film and talk at the same time. A fine balancing act, especially following a supper of vegetable spring rolls, potent garlic soup and for those who so desire, chips. Fortunately, the aforementioned deplorable vegetable took a back stage role and was replaced by greater flavours. Long may this continue!

Au Revoir!