Nepal Diaries – Day One

17 Apr

Nepal Diaries – Day One

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The process of writing this article, on a keyboard installed into a desk, is almost as painful as the day itself. but fear not, for this pain is entirely due to the sheer amount of sitting and waiting in sweatboxes before moving onto another larger, this time moving sweatbox, wear eating appears to be the only way of staving off fatigue.

Of course, this is a naturally negative way to start this article, considering I was fully aware that this would happen before the trip and therefore shouldn’t begin to write criticizing such a process. Instead lets focus on a nicer moment.

Yesterday, I briefly touched upon the work of Ben HT in the field of scouting diplomacy and whilst loitering by one of seemingly endless WH Smith’s, he was thrust into the ambassadorial spotlight ahead of schedule. Spotting our Union flag neckerchiefs a Mexican gentleman approached Hobs and enquired about our scouting trip. Friendly conversations then followed and it eventually concluded with Ben exchanging neckerchiefs with the gentleman’s own from his troop in Mexico. armed with spare neckies and badges to boot, ben epitomized the scout motto – be prepared.

This bright spark of a dreary day epitomised how scouting has spread around the world and can connect people from different cultures in a positive way. In Kathmandu later in this trip, we will be meeting Nepali Scout troops and exchanging badges, to acknowledge each others different cultures and life experiences. As I write this in the plush but lifeless Qatar airport, I am looking forward to seeing how scouting can prove to positively shape this world despite financial differences. Perhaps something to muse upon during our 4 hour flight to Nepal in another small sweatbox. It’s either that or mock exam revision.