Monica Clarke – Gone Home

3 May

Monica Clarke – Gone Home

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It is often said that the most important person in a company is the person who answers the ‘phone, because the way you are first treated gives you a good insight into the way the organisation is run.  It is also said that to work efficiently you need a good secretary.  Monica certainly gave credence to both those principles, because, as secretary of the Appointments Advisory Committee, she ensured that potential newcomers to the Movement were given a warm welcome, and their path through the induction period was as smooth as possible.

Monica completed over 40 years’ service to Scouting and has fulfilled a variety of positions, including being a GSL, a section leader, an ADC and a District and County Appointments Secretary.

She was awarded the Silver Acorn by the Chief Scout in recognition of her active and sustained support for Scouting in Solihull.

Monica was an exceptional, hardworking, dedicated, experienced, hands-on and resourceful leader who cared so much about the members of the Movement for whom she worked tirelessly. She was always willing to listen to the views of other members of the movement, being aware of their needs and sensitive to their feelings.  She will be sorely missed but the results of her hard work will certainly live on.

Written by Ian Carnell and Greg Dodd