Mini Managerial Skills, January 2019

3 Mar

Mini Managerial Skills, January 2019

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Thank you to everyone who attended the ‘mini managerial skills’ workshop that we ran in January. This was a massive success- more than we ever imagined! The feedback we received from the survey which was sent out was also phenomenal- so a big thank you for your support! Here goes the exciting bit- The badges are ordered!! We have ordered the Youshape badges from the scout shop this year as the last time they will be doing these badges, and due to having limited scouts at the workshop- bulk creating badges worked out over budget and the last thing we want to do is increase the price it cost as the agreed price from january seems a fair price for the young people. We are also very excited to announce we will be running this on a regular basis as the young people got so much out of this- learning their leadership and team work skills whilst making new friends. Taking the feedback on board- the ONLY negatives we received was that the young people wished there were more scouts present for them to engage with, so with such great feedback we hope we can get more scouts and groups on board this time around now that we’ve ran one which had such great success. We will be happy to take any other feedback on board, but we’re very pleased with how our first ever skills workshop ran, along with the leaders who attended. These skills workshops taught those who attended realistic skills for life which will be very useful in every day life throughout their career as well as within scouting. Please keep an eye on your emails for the date of the next one! #skillsforlife #youshape

Thank you all

Lauren Evans

County Youth Commissioner