Managing the risks

15 Mar

Managing the risks

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As Scouts we have a good track record at assessing and managing risks. We do it on a weekly basis for the activities we run in our sections, we do it on an occasional basis when we go out and do something different. Sometimes we write our risk assessments down and sometimes we do them dynamically, on the fly.

Over the last few weeks there has been increased focus on our decision-making processes and how we manage risks as an organisation. Firstly, we learnt of the sad news of the Explorer Scout who fell and passed away on the Great Orme. More recently the COVID-19 pandemic has led to organisers of Scouting events and meetings large and small to consider the risks to participants.

In Module 1 and our on-going safety and safeguarding modules we learn about how to assess the risks of activities and the risks to young people and our fellow adults. Our validation process ensures we understand this. This is why it is vital that every adult member completes this training – in just the same way as we routinely complete our disclosure checks.

I am therefore asking every one of you to check your Compass record now to see if your Module 01, safety, safeguarding and GDPR training is in place and current. You can log in to Compass at

If any of these are outstanding, then please head straight over to the following webpages:

Module 01 and Module 01E (for Exec members) –,223&moduleID=10. This page also has links to all the other modules, many of which have e-learning and workbook options.

Mandatory on-going Safety and Safeguarding –,223&moduleID=10


Module 01 (and indeed all other Modules) can be validated by a Training Adviser. Speak to your Group Scout Leader or email if you don’t know who can do this for you. We are also planning some validation sessions to be run from County HQ in due course and also video call alternatives.

The safety, safeguarding and GDPR modules are simply validated by uploading your certificate via our website. Have a look at You’ll also find details there of Module training courses being run by ourselves and our neighbouring Counties.

In terms of the most present risk to weekly Scouting and activities, our response to COVID-19 is informed by the guidance which is coming from national authorities. If a local school is closed due to COVID-19 risk, then it is probably appropriate to stop meetings, activities and events in that area. At District and County we are keeping events we organise under review and will publicise any decisions to cancel. You may also like to start thinking about how you could use technology to enable regular weekly Scouting or badge work to take place if we do have to postpone physical meetings.

As always I would like to thank you for everything you do and for all of your on-going support, particularly at this time.

Shirley Brookes, County Commissioner – Solihull,