Here comes the sun!

18 Jul

Here comes the sun!

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As we come to the end of this extraordinary academic year I wanted to update my blog by thanking everyone who is involved in Scouting in Solihull. In March 2020 we all thought that things would be back to normal within a matter of weeks, but even now with restrictions lifting nothing is back to the old version of normal. Adult volunteers across Solihull have shown amazing resilience in keeping Scouting going for so many young people. I appreciate that this has often been in the face of personal challenges and required adapting to rapidly changing circumstances and rules.


Hopefully many of you will have found the improved resources on the national Scouts website helpful ( There is a wealth of information about how to run a blended programme of activities, how to recruit and support new volunteers and how to easily access training. Another positive has been the amount of webinars that are now being run for leaders, Exec members and managers to support us all in our roles.


As I write this on 18 July we are about to see an easing of restrictions across England and an emphasis on personal responsibility for the sake of our community. This is something that us Scouts excel at – putting the Young People and other adults first. We continue to jump through the hoops of checking the latest advice, writing the risk assessments, completing the training and organising the activities just so that the YP can experience their Scouting in safety.


Looking forward, there are a number of Groups and Units who are going to camp over the summer or have plans to do so in the Autumn. Some Sections will be having their first face to face meetings in September in over 18 months. These are exciting times and I’m looking forward to seeing the posts on Facebook and Twitter, and hopefully being invited to join you in person too!


Whatever you are doing this summer I hope you have a good time and manage a well-deserved break. Thank you once again for everything you have done and see you in September!