Gone Home

5 Sep

Gone Home

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We are sorry to announce the passing of John Clayton on 3rd September after suffering a stroke and being taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. John has been heavily involved in Scouting nearly all his life and will be sadly missed by all his friends and family.

John has fulfilled many roles in Scouting – being a Scout Leader, Group Scout Leader and Venture Scout Leader in Wolverhampton. After which, he and his wife Ann moved to Solihull where he had several roles and became one of the first four District Commissioners for the newly created Solihull Scout County in 1975. I was privileged to be one of the other DC’s – I led Solihull North and he led Solihull West and we enjoyed working as part of the new team. After his term of office finished, he became DC of Solihull North in 1989 and later Solihull East in 1996. As ACC Activities he started the Six Shropshire Summits Expedition which still continues to this day.

John has always been a committed and hard-working Scouter and was awarded the Silver Wolf in 1994 and in 2015 gained his Chief Scout’s 60 Years’ Service Award.

Even after the death of his beloved wife, Ann, and having various physical ailments including failing eye-sight, he remained a strong supporter of Scouting, and as a member of the County Scout Active Support team, he helped organise the annual indoor bowling and supper.

John’s life was one of total commitment to his family and to Scouting and he will certainly be missed. We thank him for his service to Scouting and know that there are many whose lives have been enhanced by his example and dedication. We send our condolences to his daughter Jacqui.