All Leaders Meeting // 29th January 2023

19 Jan

All Leaders Meeting // 29th January 2023

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With only 10 days to go until our All Leaders Meeting at 1st Solihull (Millpool) we can share with you the agenda for the session and let you know what you can take home to help you to deliver scouting locally.

The session will begin at 2pm (with refreshments from 1:30pm) with a quick overview of who’s who in the world of Solihull Scouting. We are always aware that new leaders and managers are joining us every week and it’s really important that every adult in Scouting knows who they can talk to for support and guidance at any point. There have also been a number of changes within the County Leadership Team so even if you’ve been a volunteer for some time, it’s always good to remember who you can contact!

We want this whole agenda to be interactive and engaging and not just another lecture about everything that’s going on, so from the start we’ll be checking in with you, getting your feedback and your questions that we can address throughout the afternoon.

We’ll give you a quick overview of the year in Scouting for Solihull, look at any major milestones, any events and any courses that are coming up as well as populating the County Calendar with other events that you may be aware of, the most important part of this meeting is to share…share resources, share contacts and share experiences.

One of our major events for 2023 is #SkillsForAdults which takes place in September so the event lead will give us a brief overview of what this event is all about and we’ll be making sure we deliver the sessions and activities you need to help your own personal development. Major events are something that have always been popular in Solihull so we’ll be launching a series of events for you to put in your diaries!

We’ll close out the first hour of the session by covering some of the lesser discussed topics like grants & funding, new sections, training, awards and having a quick look at our newest section ‘Squirrels’ – hearing from some of our Squirrels leaders and a chance to ask those questions that may be in the back of your mind if you’re looking to open a Squirrel Drey!

What’s a Scout meeting without tea & biscuits? The 25th World Scout Jamboree team will be on hand to keep us going throughout the afternoon. Tea/Coffee/Squash & Biscuits will all be available throughout the session but there will be the opportunity to buy soft drinks, snacks and of course badges to support the fundraising efforts of our 18 young people heading to South Korea in July!

Speed Programming… think Speed Dating but with programme ideas! You’ll have six 5 minute sessions to share as many programme ideas, resources and contacts as you can with your partner. You’ll get the opportunity to speak to other section leaders in a similar section as well as those from other sections and even members of the county leadership team!

You’ll then have an opportunity to break out into smaller groups with other section leaders from across the County. Every section across the county faces similar difficulties, working together we can overcome those challenges and grow our sections.

After the second refreshment break we’ll close the day with a look at the upcoming transformations in Scouting and how that will support growth within your groups. There are some really exciting changes in the pipeline that are designed to streamline many of our daily processes so that we can focus on the delivery of Scouting in Solihull.

This whole agenda is designed for you to take away as much as you put in, we actively encourage you to attend and participate in the sessions, meet other adults across the County and get the answer to those burning questions in an open forum.

If you are attending then please let us know online by clicking below

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