A New Structure for Solihull Scouts

31 May

A New Structure for Solihull Scouts

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With any change of leadership across any walk of life comes an opportunity to review and update plans, teams and processes and Scouting is no different. As we begin to prepare Scouting for the future with our Skills for Life strategy, which has now been extended until 2025, it gives me real pleasure to share with you the team we have built to deliver that now that I’ve had time to catch up with them all individually!

There are a number of roles which may seem vacant from this list which you were expecting to see. It may be that I have not yet had a chance to formally agree on the role with someone, I currently do not have the capacity for that role within our leadership team or that role forms part of a team within one of the roles below.

There is no finite list of roles to be filled, as County Commissioner it’s important for me to identify areas of our structure that need support, if you think you have something to offer, then I am always available to chat – solihullscouts.org.uk/cc

Thank you all for what you do, every day our movement grows and it is only through a great team of outstanding volunteers that it continues!

Mat, County Commissioner

Ian Carnell MBE – County President

Ian, Sherlock to most of us, is the epitome of Scouting in Solihull and it brings me so much joy to share that I have asked him to be our County President. As President Ian will promote the wellbeing and perception of Scouting in the wider community, connecting Scouting with the local community to help foster relationships between Scouting and other organisations and institutions. Ian will also continue to chair the Local Awards Advisory Group and be an active member of the Appointments Advisory Committee. ian.carnell@solihullscouts.org.uk

Charlotte Richardson – County Youth Commissioner

Charlotte has done some outstanding work ensuring Scouting in Solihull is Youth Shaped, working closely in partnership with other County Youth Commissioners across the West Midlands Region which has recently been recognised on a National level! Charlotte continues to build a team so they can support County and District development as well as helping groups deliver a Youth Shaped programme! I’m delighted that Charlotte has agreed to continue in this role! charlotte.richardson@solihullscouts.org.uk

VACANT – Transformation Lead

The Transformation Lead needs to be someone who can make things happen locally; someone who is a people person, who enjoys supporting others and who is a good listener. Our Transformation Lead will be able to talk to everyone from volunteers who like the facts, to those who want to hear the vision and story, and will be comfortable bringing constructive challenge where necessary. Our Transformation Lead needs to recognise how the ‘big picture’ changes will positively affect volunteers at a local level. Sound like you? Email me!

I have asked Jackie Butterworth to remain in the role of Chair to the Board of Trustees which I’m pleased to say she has accepted which keeps our Ex-Officio Trustees being Myself, Charlotte, Jackie, Robert Swindell and Chris Davis.  The rest of the Board of Trustees remain unchanged as appointed at the last AGM and consist of Ian Carnell, Paul Webb, Ken Meeson, Greg Dodd, Andy Baynes, Dave Adams and Rob Thomas.

As County Commissioner I am looking to appoint two Deputy County Commissioners and working with Charlotte we are looking to appoint a Deputy Youth County Commissioner for each leadership team too.

Paul Webb – Programme Lead

Continuing in his role as Deputy County Commissioner, Paul brings with him a great understanding of the County and every group/unit within it – he will be known to many of you for leading a number of sublime events in the County as well as being involved with the WSJ Unit to Sweden in 2011. After returning from the World Scout Jamboree he was appointed as Assistant County Commissioner (Scouts) which he held until 2020 when he moved to his current Deputy County Commissioner role. Paul will now be looking after all things Programme for Solihull which will see him continuing to support the ACC & ADC Sections. paul.webb@solihullscouts.org.uk

VACANT – Support Lead

This role will be leading a team of volunteers who support scouting across the County. This includes, but is not limited to; Safety Advisor, Safeguarding Advisor, International, Inclusion & Special Needs, Training, Duke of Edinburgh/Queen’s Scout Award etc. If you are interested in leading this team, please do get in touch!

Programme Team

Chris Booth-Thomas – ACC Squirrels & ACC Beavers

Chris has supported Beavers in Solihull since 2017 after his time as District Commissioner for Cole District. During this time Beavers in Solihull has continued to grow and awards handfuls of Chief Scout’s Bronze Awards every year… an event I can’t wait to attend and celebrate! Chris has also supported and organised a whole array of events for our Beavers and long may shall that continue! Chris has also agreed to support the Squirrels across Solihull, our newest and youngest members! If you are interested in starting up a Squirrel Drey then please do reach out to either Chris or your District Commissioner. chris.booth-thomas@solihullscouts.org.uk

VACANT – ACC Cubs, ACC Scouts, ACC Explorers

These three roles are currently vacant and waiting for someone to provide support to each section and the ADCs across the County. You will be supported by Paul Webb and work as part of a team, if you are interested please contact me or Paul.

Lauren Evans – ACC Network

Lauren will continue to work with the 18yr – 25yr age range at County level and support both District Networks. Lauren was an active member of Network before taking the role of ACC Network in 2021. In a post-pandemic world, Lauren is really looking forward to getting out and meeting older members of the Explorer Sections to share what Network is all about! Personally I have had some amazing experiences as a Network member and I believe it really is a section that you can get so much from, both locally and internationally! lauren.evans@solihullscouts.org.uk

VACANT – Activities

Activities Lead will work with the Programme Team to promote the range of activities we do as Scouts. They will share best practice and give guidance on activities where required. I’d love for you to fill this role, email me!

Support Team

Tim Atherton – International

Tim has been involved with International Scouting since being a young member of Scouting himself in 1997. In 2009 he joined the leadership team in taking a group of Explorers to Canada to complete their Duke of Edinburghs Gold and Queen’s Scout Award Expedition…I was lucky enough to be one of those Explorers. Since then, Tim has supported the World Scout Jamboree Unit in 2015 to Japan as well as helping and supporting other groups and units take their first step on the International Scouting journey. Tim is passionate about helping others and is on hand to answer any questions you have about International Scouting. international@solihullscouts.org.uk

Emily Bacon – Inclusion & Diversity

Emily has been a core member of the County Team since 2016 in her role of Assistant County Commissioner Cubs (Which is now vacant) but now moves into a different role ensuring Scouting in Solihull is inclusive, diverse and supportive to all of our SEND members. Scouting is open to all and Emily is here to help you be as welcoming and inclusive as possible. If you have any questions about anything then please reach out, her professional experience allows her to share her knowledge to ensure we offer Skills for Life to all of our members. emily.bacon@solihullscouts.org.uk

Adam Tullett – Safety Adviser

Adam has been involved in Scouting in Solihull since being a young member and has held many roles, most notably for me was his involvement in Solihull Gangshow which ultimately lead to me living the professional life I absolutely adore, so I am beyond delighted he has agreed to take over my role as County Safety Advisor. Adam is here to advise you on best practice Safety in Scouting and to ensure everything we do at County is safe. His professional role and experience gives him a wealth of knowledge which he’s only too happy to share! adam.tullett@solihullscouts.org.uk

VACANT – Events Adviser

As part of being County Commissioner I have had to surrender this role advising on large events across the County. Large events happen at every corner of the County; Group Camps, District Events and of course our largest events of which I have some big ambitions. We’re looking for someone to support the management of these events (But not necessarily be involved in the delivery)

VACANT – Training Manager

The county training manager is responsible for the management of all aspects of the training and learning process for adults within the county. There are some key members of the Training Team, keeping everything going even without a manager, Thank You.

Liz Rashvand – District Commissioner Cole

Continuing in her role of District Commissioner for Cole, Liz will support groups and units in the District as well as helping grow scouting across the area. Liz has been DC since 2017 and is supported by Alison Cole who work tremendously as a team and I really look forward to working with them both over the term of my appointment! liz.rashvand@solihullscouts.org.uk

VACANT – District Commissioner Blythe

The search for an individual or a team to lead Blythe District continues, I am really keen to break this role down to make sure Scouting in the District continues to grow and thrive. This role is ideal for anyone wishing to develop their own personal management skills and there is a huge support network across the Country to help you!

All Vacant Roles and details about them can be found on our website here: solihullscouts.org.uk/vacancies/