Blythe DC Search

2 May

Blythe DC Search

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As many of you have heard we are searching for either a single DC or a team of two people to become our new Team DC. This is something that the District search team and County Commissioner think could work really well, in that the big role that it is can be split between the various people who can then share the responsibilities and tasks.

This role is all about getting involved from the very top of the ladder, seeing all the young people of different ages, sections and groups have fun and make new memories. It’s about giving advice, awards and special experiences. The role has a lot of opportunities to work with a wide range of people across the board and therein lies your network of support also. The role should be a two-way role, you help us, and we help you.

You will be part of, but not necessarily organising, some amazing events like County Night Hike, Operation Chameleon, District Camps and so many more. There will be chances to present some amazing awards to the young people and even some leaders.

We’ve touched on some of the fun stuff but there’s also the serious side, there will be paper work, there will be extra training and there will be difficult situations with hard decisions at times. This shouldn’t put you off though because if you think you can’t do it… that’s where your District team comes in. Don’t think everything falls on your shoulders, delegate where needed and get support from the County/Regional/HQ Teams!

This role can be split however you as the team would like, one person could take the lead and be the face of the team and the other could be the one who enjoys more the paperwork side of things and stays in the background. Or you can split it depending on what time you have to commit and have both sides of the role split equally. Or you can work it out as you go along. The possibility of this role being a team role has come about so that the District can be flexible and work in a way that suits the people giving up their time to be able to fulfil the role and help so many people.

This role needs people who are flexible, great communicators, kind and caring, accepting and willing to give their absolute all to the role they are stepping into. It might not be easy, but we can guarantee it will be worth it with the right team and a good support team we can make the district truly great.

For further information on the role, the full job description is downloadable from the following link:

We have provided  a nomination sheet with this letter so even if you don’t fancy the role,  but you know someone who you think would have some of the skills for the role, please nominate them using the form,  and we will be in touch to get their opinion.

We hope to hear from anyone and everyone with an interest in this role, and any questions & advice for our search would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to the below email by the deadline date of the 31st of May 2019.

Many thanks
The District Commissioner Search Committee


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