you will now need to complete and validate Modules 01, 02 and 03 (Getting Started) within 5 months of your provisional appointment being issued to enable your appointment to become ’Full’.  Section Assistants only need to complete Modules 1 and 3.

Your online Adult’s Personal File can be found following this link:’s%20Personal%20File%20January%202016-%20Final%20Version%20V3.pdf

You are able to study these courses online, the following link will take you straight to the learning area of the Scouts website, where you can compete the e-learning modules online:,223,235

These Modules will need to be validated before your full warrant can be issued.  Validation sessions are available at the Wood Beads Cafe, The Retreat, Rough Close campsite, Coventry, see the Training Schedule for further details.  Alternatively contact your GSL who may be able to tell you if there is someone in your Group who is able to validate you.

Please could you confirm to me when you have completed the online training.  If you have had your modules validated, please could the Validator email me, on, in order for me to update your records.  Thank you.


Safeguarding training can be found here: