Young Leaders


Note: Module A is COMPULSORY during your first 3 months as a Young Leader
(irrespective of whether you are an Explorer Scout or not)

YL’s can come as a one off to just module A, or to as many of the others as you wish.
However please see the DofE statement below if it applies.






Game on!



Prepare for take-off! (new YL’s only)



What did they say?



Taking the lead!



Prepare for take-off! (new YL’s only)



Programme plans



That’s the way to do it!



Prepare for take-off! (new YL’s only)



Understanding behavior



Making Scouting accessible

The sessions are open to any YL’s in Solihull Scout groups who are part of the Scout movement or doing your D of E through school, college etc. Please note that Module A is compulsory during your first 3 months if you are a YL. You can do this training through us or through your section- speak to your leader. There is no test; it’s just a question of turning up for the training session. You will receive an attendance certificate after every module. Note: Uniform is not required for YL sessions.

The YL Scheme – Modules and Missions

The YL scheme has 10 modules with just Module A being compulsory. For YL’s, Module A needs to be completed within your first 3 months; hence we will offer this module every term. Once completed you will receive a YL badge.

To achieve your full YL award (optional) you need to attend all 9 of the above modules, plus complete a First Response Course or Stage 4 Emergency Aid with your unit. You also need to complete 4 missions. Missions are work that is completed back at your section and then you return to tell us how it went. We will discuss this further during the training sessions. For more information please see

Duke of Edinburgh Award

If you are a YL as part of the service section of the DofE award you need to complete Module A plus 2 further training hours for each award (Bronze, Silver and Gold). This equates to 2 further modules for each award. Upload the attendance certificate that we give you onto your eDofE record. The missions (see above) are optional for DofE.


Shirley Brookes 07976 324864 or 01676 534924