Stiff & Stilted Support Scout Pride

The Solihull Scout Stilt team were busy the Bank Holiday Weekend being asked by the FLAGS ASU to help National HQ and make sure scouting in the West Midlands had a good profile at the Parade, we have paraded for a few years in Birmingham as well as London and a few other pride Parades.
The wet weather was not going to dampen our spirits, although it did come down a bit and we were wringing out our clothes by the end!! We borrowed a Car Park in central Birmingham to mount and dismount, it was nearly right out of ‘Tracy Island’
We had a great day and would welcome any Solihull Scouts or supporters to join us another year. We had representatives from London, Essex, Bedfordshire, Coventry, Warwickshire, Shropshire, and Leicestershire. Thanks to all of the friends who waved to us from all sorts of Dry and not so Dry places.
We will be also at London Pride in a few weeks so why not join us there as well?
If you want any more info about FLAGS or support of LGBT issues within scouting please look here