Solihull Clean Sweep at Chase Walk 2018

Solihull Scouting shows their skills of the great outdoors by winning all available trophies at the 2018 Chase Walk.

The Chase Walk is a 38.2 mile competitive walk over and around Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. The walk is for teams of four to seven people, can take up to 18 hours to complete and takes place annually in March. This years event saw regular changes in the weather, from Sunny to overcast to a large dumping of snow with highs of 5 degrees C and lows of -2 !


Trophies Won By Solihull Scouting

THE CRUTCH TROPHY – any member aged 25 or over

Kilom-eaters from Blythe Network – 10hrs 14 minute

THE BOOT TROPHY – any member aged over 18 and all under 25

Intrepid ‘Curs’d Youth from Intrepid ESU – 10hrs 24 minute

THE ROCK TROPHY – all members aged under 18

Intrepid Foul Reprobates from Intrepid ESU – 12hrs 44 minute

THE KNOT TROPHY – no member has entered the event before

Intrepid Juvenile Delinquents from Intrepid ESU – 14hrs 33 minute

THE COMPASS TROPHY – both male and female members finish

1st Kilom-eaters from Blythe Network – 10hrs 14 minute
2nd Intrepid ‘Curs’d Youth from Intrepid ESU – 10hrs 24 minute
3rd Timent Anatis from Blythe Network – 10hrs 36 minute

THE VETERAN’S TROPHY – average age over 44 at start and finish

Austins Motors from 6th Shirley & 11th Solihull – 10hrs 26 minute

THE BEAUDESERT TROPHY – all seven members finish

Intrepid ‘Curs’d Youth from Intrepid ESU – 10hrs 24 minute

Below is a brief report from one of the Explorers from Intrepid ESU

Students studying Power & Conflict poetry for their English Literature GCSE will (or rather should) be aware of the poem ‘Exposure’ by Wilfred Owen and in it will know that he writes about the ‘merciless iced east winds that knive us’. And to that we can relate. For up to 18 hours was spent by us souls trudging through such blizzard-esque conditions with the temperature holding firm at -2 degrees Celsius, although Fahrenheit or Kelvin might have been more fitting!

So what a surprise it was to find that despite such difficult conditions, we scoop up 4 trophies! Our Curs’d Youths, having covered those 38.2 miles in an astonishing 10 hours 24 minutes, without dropping a single man, scooped 2 trophies and more respect than can be described in this article. Our Juvenile Delinquents, oblivious to the true pain and what weather on the Chase is like prior to yesterday, conquered with a time faster than not only all of this year’s novices, but last year’s as well. Meanwhile, we the Foul Reprobates smashed our individual PBs by around 2-2.5 hours while staying oblivious to any potential trophy prospects, putting me in such a good mood when I found out, I listened to Hall & Oates on the way back!

Yet these rewards, however tangible they may be, are not a priority. Because yesterday, what was found among all of us, finisher or not, victor or not – was a determination. These events provide an opportunity for all of us to test our physical and mental strength with Mother Nature keen to make us work. And regardless of our success, we have drive and determination to persevere to return to the event in future years with the ambition to do better and constantly improve. Such drive and passion are also transferrable, letting us be more ambitious as young adults, edging ever closer to adulthood whether we like it or not. So let it not be said that we are the winning Unit, that we only care about the engravings and the ink on the certificate. Because we know that it’s so much more than that, and that is a wonderful thing.
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