Registration has now opened for the Six Summits Challenge

34th Six Summits Challenge

4th to 6th May 2019

  • 3 day expedition – 36 miles over the Shropshire Six Summits
  • Open to Scouts & Explorers
  • 2 Challenges – Training or Full Expedition
  • Registration from 1st Jan 2019
  • On completion, Scouts will gain the Expedition Challenge & Navigation Stage 3
  • On completion Explorers will gain Navigation Stage 3

This is open to Scouts from the age of 12. Scouts can walk with a day sack and the option
of a leader walking with them. Teams on this challenge will also need a support team to
transport food, stoves & tents between campsites. Along the 36 mile route, Scouts will be
trained in navigation to help them gain their Stage 3 badge as well as completing their
Expedition Challenge.

Teams on the Expedition Challenge are expected to be self-sufficient. Teams must carry
ALL their own equipment to include tents, stoves & food for the full 3 days. This event is
open to Scouts and Explorers who have experience of hill walking and would like to
expand their knowledge.

For more information please contact or visit the