Packing for Malawi!

In October 2012 I visited Malawi and set up 2 new Scout troops. I also met the DC of Kasungu (a large district in Central Malawi) I asked him what he needed to promote Scouting within his District and he said apart from money for training they needed tents as they had none at all, general equipment and old laptops, computers and phones as they have great difficulty in communicating, (there are very few land lines in Malawi). 6th Solihull sent out 2 Icelandic tents in November 2012 and these were used at their national Jamboree. I had already sent out a second hand event tent and some resources before I went to Malawi so I knew how well received they would be.

Blythe District agreed to promote my idea of Scout Boxes, these are patrol sized boxes filled with resources to run a section or Group (details attached) They also agreed to pay £500 to ship the boxes and equipment as the cost is £6 per cubic foot. Blyth District managed to send 22 boxes 1 bag of boots 3 bags of t shirts 4 more tents and a brand new event tent costing over £350 which was donated by someone (not me) in our District who wishes to be anonymous. The event tents are particularly useful as they have have a mutli purpose. Firstly they use them for conferences and meetings as they have very few buildings of their own, secondly and most importantly for them they use them for hiring out to raise money for leader training, which is very expensive and mandatory, and funding other activities.

Going forward in time I would like to send more equipment and tents to promote scouting in this area. Scouting in Malawi is vital as far as I could see they are the only organisation prepared to tackle issues such as unwanted pregnancy, aids, and other sensitive issues which effect the youth of Malawi and many other African countries.

The current project to send equipment to Malawi as recently seen a number of boxes dispatched. If you or your group want to support this further please contact me and we can discuss further!

Yours in Scouting


Scout boxes ready to go Scout boxes ready to go