Night Hike Results

Congratulations to Intrepid Explorers ‘A’ and 2nd Balsall Common Scouts ‘A’ on winning the Walking stick and boot trophies respectively.

This year we were joined by Alex Peace-Gadsby, Chief Commissioner of England.  Alex met many of the Scouts and adults, awarded the prizes and spent the evening freezing with the rest of us up at the food check point, where she used her skills to try and tempt Scouts with vegetable soup (tomato was also an option).

This year’s night hike saw 55 teams enter with over 360 young people, plus leaders, walking through the freezing night from 7.30pm until just before 5am.


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We’d like to take the opportunity to Thank;

Paul Webb and Rich Budd for organising the walk.
Chris Staite and George Wilkinson for time keeping the teams (and producing the results below).
The helpers who set up the riding club before everyone arrived.
The check-in team, who kit checked all the teams before walking.
The check point teams, who sat out in the cold, in the middle of no where all night.
The catering teams at both the riding club and out at check point 3 for feeding everyone (twice!).
Solihull Riding club, for letting us use their facilities as HQ.
All the leaders who supported and walked with the teams.
Soilhull Cole Network for providing a sweep team again.
Anyone else who helped in anyway, that isn’t mentioned above!
And Alex Peace-Gadsby, Chief Commissioner of England, for supporting the event and awarding the trophies.








Team Start Time End Time Total Time Calculated time Notes
Intrepid A 2016-01-30T19:38:14.000Z 2016-01-30T23:51:17.000Z 4h 13m 3s 4h 13m 3s
Drake A 2016-01-30T19:31:45.000Z 2016-01-30T23:48:25.000Z 4h 16m 40s 4h 16m 40s
Intrepid C 2016-01-30T20:20:23.000Z 2016-01-31T01:45:12.000Z 5h 24m 49s 5h 24m 49s
Drake D 2016-01-30T19:35:57.000Z 2016-01-31T01:11:21.000Z 5h 35m 24s 5h 35m 24s
Columbus A 2016-01-30T20:05:10.000Z 2016-01-31T01:58:23.000Z 5h 53m 13s 5h 53m 13s DQ Wrong Route
Fart 2016-01-30T20:18:36.000Z 2016-01-31T02:13:18.000Z 5h 54m 42s 5h 54m 42s DQ Wrong Route
Armstrong 1 2016-01-30T19:54:05.000Z 2016-01-31T01:51:49.000Z 5h 57m 44s 5h 57m 44s
Orion ESU 2016-01-30T20:22:26.000Z 2016-01-31T02:44:02.000Z 6h 21m 36s 6h 21m 36s
Galileo B 2016-01-30T20:11:04.000Z 2016-01-31T02:33:13.000Z 6h 22m 9s 6h 22m 9s
Dashing Ducks 2016-01-30T19:33:42.000Z DNF 6h 24m 18s DQ Wrong Route Missing Wristband
Intrepid B 2016-01-30T19:42:17.000Z 2016-01-31T02:33:17.000Z 6h 51m 6h 51m
Galileo A 2016-01-30T20:16:28.000Z 2016-01-31T03:41:20.000Z 7h 24m 52s 7h 24m 52s
Voyager ESU 2016-01-30T19:40:21.000Z 2016-01-31T04:05:32.000Z 8h 25m 11s 8h 25m 11s



Team Start Time End Time Total Time Calculated time Notes
2nd Ballsall Common A 2016-01-30T21:24:43.000Z 2016-01-31T00:53:51.000Z 3h 29m 8s 3h 29m 8s
2nd Shirley A 2016-01-30T21:04:47.000Z DNF 3h 30m 13s No Wristband
4th Knowle Team A 2016-01-30T20:29:35.000Z DNF 4h 24m 25s No Wristband
Nelson Deathstroke 2016-01-30T21:07:02.000Z 2016-01-31T01:40:05.000Z 4h 33m 3s 4h 33m 3s
Buckholt A 2016-01-30T20:44:11.000Z 2016-01-31T01:26:00.000Z 4h 41m 49s 4h 41m 49s
Hockley Heath B 2016-01-30T20:31:28.000Z 2016-01-31T01:17:49.000Z 4h 46m 21s 4h 46m 21s
2nd Balsall Common D 2016-01-30T21:30:09.000Z 2016-01-31T02:20:05.000Z 4h 49m 56s 4h 49m 56s
6th Shirley A 2016-01-30T20:50:30.000Z 2016-01-31T01:49:14.000Z 4h 58m 44s 4h 58m 44s
Monkspath 2016-01-30T20:47:55.000Z 2016-01-31T01:59:32.000Z 5h 11m 37s 5h 11m 37s
11th Solihull B 2016-01-30T21:38:01.000Z 2016-01-31T02:54:06.000Z 5h 16m 5s 5h 16m 5s
2nd Shirley 2 2016-01-30T21:32:10.000Z 2016-01-31T02:59:29.000Z 5h 27m 19s 5h 27m 19s
Hockley Heath Group 2 2016-01-30T20:35:42.000Z 2016-01-31T02:05:19.000Z 5h 29m 37s 5h 29m 37s
2nd Shirley B 2016-01-30T21:15:08.000Z 2016-01-31T02:49:18.000Z 5h 34m 10s 5h 34m 10s
11th Solihull Team Duck 2016-01-30T21:28:21.000Z 2016-01-31T03:08:00.000Z 5h 39m 39s 5h 39m 39s
Balsall Common F 2016-01-30T21:17:24.000Z DNF 5h 43m 36s No Wristband
Buckholt B 2016-01-30T20:40:38.000Z 2016-01-31T02:24:55.000Z 5h 44m 17s 5h 44m 17s
1st Olton 2016-01-30T20:14:36.000Z 2016-01-31T02:00:10.000Z 5h 45m 34s 5h 45m 34s
2nd Balsall Common C 2016-01-30T21:13:25.000Z 2016-01-31T03:05:15.000Z 5h 51m 50s 5h 51m 50s
2nd Shirley D 2016-01-30T21:26:55.000Z 2016-01-31T03:20:32.000Z 5h 53m 37s 5h 53m 37s
6th Shirley C 2016-01-30T20:53:57.000Z 2016-01-31T02:48:12.000Z 5h 54m 15s 5h 54m 15s
3rd Olton 2016-01-30T20:46:23.000Z 2016-01-31T02:41:37.000Z 5h 55m 14s 5h 55m 14s
Nelson B 2016-01-30T21:22:03.000Z 2016-01-31T03:24:13.000Z 6h 2m 10s 6h 2m 10s
Glyn Team 1 2016-01-30T21:36:01.000Z 2016-01-31T03:40:04.000Z 6h 4m 3s 6h 4m 3s
6th Solihull Vulcans 2016-01-30T21:09:09.000Z 2016-01-31T03:16:09.000Z 6h 7m 6h 7m
Dorridge 2 2016-01-30T21:48:01.000Z 2016-01-31T04:03:22.000Z 6h 15m 21s 6h 15m 21s
Glyn Team 2 2016-01-30T21:43:01.000Z 2016-01-31T03:58:24.000Z 6h 15m 23s 6h 15m 23s
Dorridge 1 2016-01-30T21:50:01.000Z 2016-01-31T04:06:11.000Z 6h 16m 10s 6h 16m 10s
Balsall Common B 2016-01-30T21:34:17.000Z 2016-01-31T03:53:26.000Z 6h 19m 9s 6h 19m 9s
6th Shirley B 2016-01-30T20:57:29.000Z 2016-01-31T03:22:37.000Z 6h 25m 8s 6h 25m 8s
1st Knowle 2016-01-30T20:33:24.000Z 2016-01-31T03:02:50.000Z 6h 29m 26s 6h 29m 26s
4th Knowle Eric Rulez 2016-01-30T20:37:56.000Z 2016-01-31T03:08:25.000Z 6h 30m 29s 6h 30m 29s
5th Solihull 2016-01-30T21:19:26.000Z 2016-01-31T03:50:48.000Z 6h 31m 22s 6h 31m 22s
Nelson C 2016-01-30T21:11:24.000Z 2016-01-31T03:51:50.000Z 6h 40m 26s 6h 40m 26s
NRG 2016-01-30T20:59:16.000Z 2016-01-31T03:52:43.000Z 6h 53m 27s 6h 53m 27s
Buckholt C 2016-01-30T20:52:08.000Z 2016-01-31T03:46:23.000Z 6h 54m 15s 6h 54m 15s
Dorridge Finger 2016-01-30T21:41:01.000Z 2016-01-31T04:36:26.000Z 6h 55m 25s 6h 55m 25s
Porridge from Dorridge 2016-01-30T21:46:01.000Z 2016-01-31T04:42:22.000Z 6h 56m 21s 6h 56m 21s
1st Chelmsley Wood 2016-01-30T21:52:01.000Z 2016-01-31T04:58:37.000Z 7h 6m 36s 7h 6m 36s
Armstrong the better team 2016-01-30T19:56:15.000Z 2016-01-31T03:41:08.000Z 7h 44m 53s 7h 44m 53s
Flying Pigs 2016-01-30T20:24:01.000Z 2016-01-31T04:16:57.000Z 7h 52m 56s 7h 52m 56s