Local Explore Questions John Major


Scouting encourages young people to stand up and have a voice for them selves.


With the General Election fast approaching Patrick Robinson, a 16 year old Explorer Scout from Drake ESU, took the opportunity to get involved in politics.
Tuesday saw former Prime Minister John Major on the Campaign trail here in Solihull. Patrick was given some time off school to listen to and question the former Prime Minister and pointed out to him; that lots of young people couldn’t care less about politics. And in his school, politics was not very cool.


Major replied: “I don’t think it’s just about the young, I think there is disengagement with politics and we have seen it most vividly in the diminishing turnout of national and local elections of recent years.


“The fact that you’re engaged with politics – and I hope many other young people are too – is a good start. Let’s build on it. I hope one day when you stand here nobody will have to ask you that question.”


It’s great to see an Explore Scout from Solihull standing up for young people and questioning politicians on what they will do for young people.


Full article came from Buzzfeed and can be found here


Disclaimer; Solihull Scouting does not back any one party and is impartial to all political partys.