Introducing Simon Hague

At this years AGM (20th June 2018), Simon Hague was appointed as Chair of Solihull Scout Council Committee. We caught up with Simon shortly after his appointment to understand a bit more about him, and what it was that excited him about the role.

About Simon – Simon has been in scouting for as long as he remembers – starting in cubs (beavers did not exist when he was little) and transitioning to scouts and venture scouts. He did his scouting in Windsor and finished Ventures with his Queens Scout Award.

A chance meeting in 1992, saw Simon re-aquaint with Scouting in Solihull when he took over as Scout Leader at 11th Solihull – a group that he has been involved with since then (as GSL and also currently executive committee chair). Having also been involved in Gang Show, performing both at the Royal Albert Hall and The O2 Arena in London, 

When he was approached by Shirley Brookes (our County Commissioner) about being chair, he leapt at the chance. “It is an opportunity that comes round infrequently and has the possibility to do some real good within our wider community here in Solihull”.

His three children (not so little now) experience scouting. The experiences and challenges that scouting has provided for them is fantastic and life forming.

He runs his own executive coaching and facilitation business having left the corporate world 10 years ago. He is driven by enabling others, by ensuring that all have the opportunity to experience stuff and develop.

What does Simon see the role as being – The chair role is ultimately responsible as a trustee for county level governance activities. What this means is that we will be looking at building on the best practices that we adopt now with the great people we have involved in scouting now and in the future to provide a safe, inclusive and dynamic environment to deliver fantastic scouting for our young people.

Simon is contactable on