Hurricane cubs claim top prize in first inter-pack challenge

Three cub packs battled it out at Alderbrook School on 22 September, and Hurricane cubs (from 6th Solihull) took home the coveted trophy.

Seventy cubs from 6th Solihull Spitfires, Hurricanes and 5th Solihull valiantly battled against each other in a series of challenges including obstacle races, a balloon popping competition and working in teams to find 10 items.

The evening is the first of a planned series of events that bring different cub packs together across the county. The challenge is open to other packs, so get in touch with 5th or 6th Solihull to express your interest.

Terry Woodruff from 5th Solihull commented: “Scouting is about having fun and meeting new friends, so we were delighted when Hurricanes and Spitfires agreed to join us in the inter-pack challenge. The cubs thoroughly enjoyed the evening and we look forward to meeting again, when maybe we’ll be the cub pack taking the trophy home