Grow Your Group

Fellow Scouts

The deadline to sign up for Grow Your Group is fast approaching. This entirely free to your series of workshops and resources is being provided so that you can find the extra volunteers you need for your groups.

Grow your Group is open to all adults in Solihull Scouting and every group and unit taking part will receive a box of resources to go with the workshops so you can get started finding the extra volunteers you need straight away.

The launch session is on Sunday 2nd of March at 9am at 1st Solihull Scout HQ and kicks off with Workshops on Vacancy Boards (And we’ll help you make them), Adult Recruitment, Executive Committees, Engaging Parents, and how to use Young Leaders in your Group. Plus the county is providing breakfast.

To book your place so your group doesn’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities and resources go to and fill in the simple form by Monday and that’s it.

There will be additional workshops on the 30th April, 22nd May, and 23rd June to provide you with even more help and support. In addition there will be a special session just for GSL’s and AGSL’s on the 25th of March on managing recruitment, developing people and more.

So please don’t miss this opportunity and sign up today, many groups have asked us for this so we’ve kept our side of the bargain and delivered the resources and workshops now it’s down to you.

Solihull is already amazing, but we can be even more so if we do this together.

Yours In Scouting

County Commissioner.