Farewell to our CC

A message from our County Commissioner, David Lodwig;
“It is with some sadness that I have to inform you all that I am stepping down as County Commissioner of Solihull from the 17th November 2015.
I arrived in Solihull at the beginning of 2013, fresh faced and ready to face the exciting challenges of working with so many enthusiastic and dedicated people, and I still feel that every day is an exciting adventure in Scouting with Solihull however as many of you will be aware I have lead a somewhat double life for the last two years, working and Scouting in Birmingham and Solihull during the week and returning home to my wife at the weekends in Gloucestershire.
With conditions at work becoming a little interesting following the buyout by a much larger international firm, I had begun to lay some groundwork for a potential role change at the end of my term in March 2016. However the job market it appears has a shortage of experienced software developers and I have been swamped with offers from firms both in the West Midlands and closer to home. In the end I have accepted a role which was too good to miss with a company in Cheltenham which will enable me to spend more time with Mary and no longer have to spend my week days in digs.
We have together achieved some amazing things in Solihull over the last few years and I have been proud to be part of that and to have been able to serve you as your County Commissioner. Each and everyone of you is amazing and I have no doubt that you will all continue to work tirelessly to make Solihull such a brilliant place for Scouting into the future.
Some of the highlights for me over the last couple of years have been
  • County Camp in 2014, 1600 of you in one place for an amazing weekend of fun, friendship and adventure. I will never forget the sheer energy and joy in that marquee at the opening ceremony.
  • My first night hike as a walker, and coming last. Just unbelievable how many of you are prepared to stand in the night, serving food, manning checkpoints, organising the route, and walking with teams and how many of you encourage your young people to take part; trust me other counties envy our participation numbers.
  • The many award ceremonies I’ve been privileged to attend. One of my favourite things has been to congratulate those young people who have achieved their awards, even after my hands have gone stiff from shaking over a hundred cubs hands I’m still smiling, and I’m still proud of what they and you have achieved.
  • The carol services. I love a sing song, and nothing is better than a good carol service to raise the spirit in the darkest nights, and nothing cheers a County Commissioners spirit than seeing a room packed with young people singing and having fun.
I will miss you all, every one of you I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to have worked and shared so many exciting times and adventures.
Thank you for everything you have done over the last 3 years, and for everything you will continue to do to make those fantastic everyday adventures happen.”
All of us at the county team would like to Thank Dave for his hard work and effort that he has put into being County Commissioner.
So what happens next?
Well the Regional Commissioner (Designate) Dan Potter will call together a search party to select the next CC for Solihull but it’s up to you to put either yourself or people you think could lead the next phase of Solihull Scouting forward, please do get involved in the process. If you have any questions about the role, or would like to discuss what it’s like on the inside before making a decision do get in touch at dave@solihullscouts.org.uk