Eleven Network Members from Solihull on top of the world at World Scout Moot in Iceland

Alice Bennett, Alice Norbury, Hayley Butterworth, Keryn Boyle, Lauren Evans, Liam Clarke, Matt Fitzgerald, Matt Spencer, Megan Hauge, Peter Hopton and Russ Luckhurst from Solihull have spent 10 days living and working with Scouts from almost 80 nations from across the globe at the 15th World Scout Moot in Iceland. The Moot was held from the 25th July to 2nd August at the Icelandic National Scout Centre on the banks of breath taking Lake Ulfljotsvatnm

Before coming together at the main Moot site at Lake Ulfljotsvatnm the participants spent time hiking through the iconic Icelandic landscape, taking part in local activities and giving back to the local community surrounding their exhibition centres.

Liam went to Selfoss where he went mountain walking and swimming in a pool heated by a natural hot spring. Megan stayed in Reykjavík where she visited Nordic museums, hiked to the top of Mount Esja, took part in a flash mob and visited the former residence of the only Icelandic Nobel prize winner Matt S took time out in Hveragerði where he spent time hiking and bathing in the hot springs. Matt and Russ visited Heimaland on the southern coast of Iceland. It’s located close to the Eyjafjallajökull volcano which made headlines around the world in 2010 by shutting down transatlantic air travel when it erupted. Matt and Russ went on a glacier hike and got up close and personal with the volcano! Both Alice’s, Keryn and Peter were based in Hafnarfjörður Town, where they visited the old town, learned about elves and Vikings and tried his hand at sailed around the fjord, which is used as the harbour. Lauren and Hayley spent time in Akureyri on the north side of Iceland, where they went Sailing, hiking, rod fishing, bird watching and walking on the beaches.

Peter Hopton said “I had a fantastic time making new friends and exploring the breath taking scenery of Iceland, I can’t believe the number of waterfalls I’ve seen. What was also great was being able to do something as a participant again. Two years ago I was International Service Team at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan, which was great fun, but hard work. Now I’m 25 this is the last event I can do as a participant, it has taught me a lot, which will be helpful as I continue as a leader for the next generations coming through. I had a brilliant time for the two weeks I was in Iceland on the Moot and would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about doing the next one in Ireland in 2021.”


Julia Bradbury, Scout Ambassador said “A Huge congratulations to the 500 Scouts who represented the UK at the 15th World Scout Moot in Iceland. The precious time they spent enjoying adventures and learning about different world cultures will make a lasting impression. I’m particularly pleased that they spent time hiking across the spectacular Icelandic landscape. As a huge advocate of walking, I there’s no better way to get to know a country and yourself.’

The World Scout Moot is a gathering of Scouts aged 18 – 25 from across the globe. The event was supported by an international service team made up of leaders from Scout Associations across the Globe.

The UK Contingent took over 500 participants to the event, where they joined in with 5000 participants from over 80 countries around the world. Together they spent nine days have adventures, learning new skills, discovering different cultures and had a whole load of fun.

The key element of the Moot that all participants took part in was a multi centred mini Expedition. Moot Participants were spread out over eleven centres across the spectacular Icelandic landscape. These Centres were chosen to provide excellent camping facilities in spectacular surroundings and all offered a great variety of program options.