County Cooking Competition – Results!

Eleven teams from Blythe and Cole gathered with sharpened knives, firewood and selections of herbs aiming to be the team that stood out by preparing an outstanding two course meal in two hours that would woo the judges, Paul and Dick. 11th Solihull, winners last year came seeking to retain their title and from the start demonstrated how focussed they were with their team, planning and preparation. However, there were other teams that hadn’t come just to enjoy cooking in the woods over an open fire on a balmy September Saturday morning! It was great to see so many clearly enjoying be part of the event, even if each team’s competitive streak wasn’t far from the surface.

Judging was based on skills demonstrated in the following areas: Fire lighting, presentation, taste – for main course and starter/desert, Safety and Hygiene and finally team work. Standards were so high this year there was hardly a whisker between the leading teams. So well done all and we’ll look forward to seeing both new and old teams back to see what it takes to win the trophy in September 2015.

1st – 1st Shirley Glyn – 47
2nd – 11th Solihull Methodist – 46
3rd – 1st Shirley Buckholt – 45
4th – 1st Marston green Hot Chilies – 44
5th – 1st Solihull Fordrove – 42
6th – Dorridge Scouts – 40
7th = – Nelson Sea Scouts – 39
7th = – 4th Knowle Sea Scouts 39
9th 1st Marston green Got the Runs – 34
10th 1st Olton – 30
11th – Nelson Sea Scouts 2 – 29