County Cooking Competition 2017

Results – County Cooking Competition 2017

Well done to all who took part & we hope you all enjoyed the competition.

Many congratulations go to 1st Dickens Heath who took part for the first time & won!

Scores – out of an available 70 points total –

54 1st Dickens Heath
53 1st Shirley Buckholt A
53 4th Knowle Sea Scouts
50 1st Shirley Buckholt B
48 1st Marston Green B
47 1st Shirley Glyn “Chop it like it’s hot”
47 11th Solihull B
47 1st Solihull Foredrove
46 1st Solihull Nelson Sea Scouts A
45 1st Shirley Glyn “Slice, Slice, Baby”
44 1st Hockley Heath “Chicken Grillers”
44 2nd Balsall Common
44 6th Solihull Typhoons Team 1
43 1st Solihull Nelson Sea Scouts B
40 1st Marston Green A
40 6th Solihull Typhoons Team A
39 1st Olton
39 2nd Monkspath
39 1st Hockley Heath ” Pie Boys”
38 11th Solihull A
36 6th Solihull Typhoons Team Alpha
35 6th Solihull Vulcans (Robyn)
28 6th Solihull Vulcans (Zach)
25 6th Solihull Vulcans (Arjun)
13 1st Solihull Nelson Sea Scouts C