Chief Scout’s Bronze Awards Night

The County Commissioner for Solihull has approved a presentation of Chief Scout’s Bronze Award certificates to Beaver Scouts on Friday, 16th October 2015 in Solihull School Chapel at 6.45 for 7.00pm. Please note the new VENUE. It is anticipated that the evening will end about 8.00 – 8.30pm depending on the time taken at the end for Group photographs.
Application Forms for this event are available nowto all Beaver Scout Leaders and/or GSL’s by e-mailing Ken Hughes (see below) stating the anticipated number of applicants you have. Deadline for the receipt of the fully completed application forms is Friday, 31st July 2015, which is the day that the certificates will be ordered and the invites prepared for sending out direct to the recipients and their families.
This date has not just been “plucked out of the air” – it has been chosen to give us time to calculate the numbers expected so that we can order the correct number of certificates, adjust the number of allocated guest places, and advise how many guests each applicant can bring, before sending out the invitations. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be returned for completion.

You need to provide correct name, address, postcode, telephone number and a contact e-mail address.
It is not necessary for you to ask the qualifying Beavers to confirm attendance at this stage, as this will become apparent when they respond to the formal invitation letter, which they will receive in due course. The number of guests each can bring will be decided when we know from, the application forms received, how many awards we will have to present and therefore how many seats we will need.

Each colony taking part will be asked to provide a leader/adult to ‘steward’ at the end of the evening to ensure that the chapel is left as clean and tidy as when we arrive.
Further information can be obtained from the Assistant County Secretary, Ken Hughes, on 0121 743 6456 or preferably by e-mail to
Please be aware that the recent Chief Scout’s Silver Awards for Cub Scouts was oversubscribed and 3 Cub Packs missed the deadline and so they were not able to attend the presentation.