Chief Scout Silver Awards Success


The Friday night proceeding St. Georges weekend celebrations saw a staggering 112 Cub Scouts from Solihull being awarded their Chief Scout Silver Award By the Mayor of Solihull, Kate Wild, and the County Commissioner, David Lodwig.

The award ceremony took place in Solihull School Chapel and was packed with Cubs and their parents, many of the leaders who came along to congratulate their Cubs were forced to stand at the back due to the vast number of reward recipients.

Her worship the Mayor of Solihull was delighted to join the award ceremony and award the 112 Cubs with their awards, in a short speech to the young people she encourage them to continue Scouting as it provides such brilliant opportunities for young people. She also touched on why she was delighted to attend the many award ceremony that Solihull Scouting has for its young people. Her theme for her year’s term is ‘Celebrating Solihull’, particularly as two newspapers have named Solihull the best place to live in Britain, and said
“What makes Solihull a great place to live? Simply the people, the people like these cubs here tonight”

The 112 Cubs making up the award ceremony came from 11 different packs and included 4 sets of twins.

Pictures from the night can be found here

The County team is already looking forward to next year’s award ceremony and hoping for even more than 112 cubs!