Changes to Six Summits

Six Summits Challenge 2nd – 4th May 2015

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Dear Leaders

As many of you know John Clayton who has been running the event for the last 29 years has stepped down due to ill health. John will continue to be an adviser on the event and I would like to thank him for everything he has done for the event in the past and for his time and patience with me as he hands over the event.

Roy Clarke has also stood down from the event and I would like to thank him for “showing me the ropes” on the 2014 event. I very much enjoyed my time on the event, meeting everyone and seeing how the event has progressed over the last 15 years.


With a new team of people running the event there are always going to be changes. Any changes that have been made are to bring the event up to a modern standard and to comply with POR. There will be a shift towards training the young people who attend in navigation skills, best walking practise, team work and self reliance. This letter is to inform you of the key changes to the event and how to start applying to attend the event in 2015.

Applying to attend The Six Summits Challenge

Application for this event will now only be done via the Solihull County website. You will be asked to select the event your teams wish to attend and to fill in their details. Applications will be open on 1st January 2015 and close on 1st March 2015. Teams will be limited to 25 for the event and only 3 teams per Group. When those places have gone the event will close. You will be emailed at a later date with payment details when your teams have been successful in gaining a place. Scouts, Explorers and Leaders will also be emailed route plans and information sheets to tell them the rules and what is expected of them over the 3 days. You will also be emailed a start time.


The cost of the event will now be £10 per person. There is no cost for Leaders but you will be expected to help run the event over the 3 days.

The Main Changes to the event

There are to be 3 new event badges and therefore 3 awards to aim for. These badges can be worn on the uniform for 12 months after the event. The badge system has been designed to be worked though so a Scout aged 12 could start on The Training Award. The next year, they would be invited back to do The Expedition Award and the final year would be spent helping as a leader, This could be walking on a sweep team or working on a Check Point.


6 Summits training


Training (Scouts Only)

The Training Challenge award has been designed to help Scouts gain experience in navigation, camping skills and team work while they complete the expedition.

They must be 12 years of age and hold a minimum of 5 Hikes Away and Emergence Aid stage 3. Scouts applying for this award should have a knowledge of navigation and be able to put up their own tents and cook for themselves. ( No central catering will be allowed for any Scout or Explorer on the event).

The 3 day expedition should be undertaken with a day sack and Leaders can also walk with the team if required (as long as it doesn’t go over the team size of 7). Individuals will need to carry a list of emergency items with them when they walk. As groups progress over the route they will be trained in navigation skills and work towards other badges.

Tents, stoves, food and any other kit can be transported by a service team between the campsites.


6 Summits expedition



The Expedition Challenge Award is the entry award for Explorers and can also be undertaken by Scouts that have completed the Training Award. Again, Explorers should have a minimum of 5 Hikes Away and Emergence Aid stage 3.

This award is the most challenging and will see Scouts and Explorers carry all their own equipment over the 3 day, 36 mile route. As with training they will need to cook for themselves. No assistance from service teams or leaders will be allowed and will be run as if the Scouts and Explores were on their own.

Scouts and Explorers will need to be fully competent in navigation and should undertake a program of training before attending. Over the 3 days they will be working towards their activity badges.


6 Summits leaders



This award is open to all Section Leaders, Explorer Young Leaders and Occasional Helpers. You will automatically gain the award for coming to help with the running of the event.

You could be a Leader wishing to walk with a group on Training, an Occasional Helper that would like to help out on a test base or check point or a Young Leader that would like to pass on the knowledge you have gained on the event

Other Key changes

  • There will be a kit check when each team, Sweep team and other leaders who are walking arrive at the start. Each team will be asked to carry a minimum level of emergency kit. Any team not meeting this level will not be allowed to start walking.
  • Each person on the event will be asked to wear a wrist band with key information on it.
  • Visitors will not be allowed on the campsites after 7pm and will need to make themselves known to the event leader.
  • The route has had some small alterations.
  • There will be a maximum of 25 teams and only 3 teams per Group.
  • Applications will open on the 1st Jan and close 1st March 2015.
  • The walking booklet with maps will no longer be used, route cards will be provided.
  • The booking in procedure and walk cards have been updated.
  • Each team will put up their own tents and cook for themselves.
  • Certificates will no longer be given out at the end of the event but can be printed out from the website and awarded on troop or unit nights.
  • A new image for the event that will I hope last another 30 years.
  • Scouts and Explorers will not only receive their event badges on completing the 36 mile expedition but will also gain or will have worked towards other badge work.
  • Each group or team will be responsible for their own rubbish for the event.
  • Navigation skills will be backed up with clips on YouTube.

What’s staying the same

  • The event will start in the same place and finish at in the quarry as previous years.
  • 20 out of 22 Check Points will stay the same.
  • We will continue to use C.B radios on the event
  • The campsite will be in the same places as ever
  • Each group will still need to bring their own toilet and toilet tent ( we are working on this one)

If you have been on the event before you will know that it is an enjoyable 3 days in a very beautiful part of the world, and even better when the sun is shining. It is one event that has a clear objective, a finishing line and comes with a steep learning curve for those young people that attend. With the changes that have been made I hope it will give the young people who attend a good bed rock that they can go away and build on in the future.

I hope you will join us on the new look event and celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Six Summits Challenge. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to email on the address below.


Mark Williams

Event Leader