Instructions For Adding New Adults To Compass

Instructions for Adding New Adults via the Scouts website. The information below is a “cut-down” version of the original Compass form and is input by HQ staff into Compass. This then generates a Disclosures request via the Atlantic DBS system.

Any registered Compass user can add an Adult within their Compass hierarchy. The system, however, does not record the progress or alert Appointment Secretaries or Training Administrators for ongoing action. These are likely to delay and complicate the Appointments Process. HQ has recently advised of the manual controls that we have to keep whilst Compass is offline. Solihull Scout County has therefore introduced the following procedure with immediate effect.

Leaders are no longer to use the “Add New Adult” option on the Scouts website.

Revised Interim Adult Appointment Process – Solihull County – Version 1

1. New members complete Adult Application form and give to GSL/ESL etc.
2. The form is sent to the Appointments Secretary, Monica Clarke
3. Monica will enter the details to add the adult on HQ Compass system and email GSL/ESL to confirm and for them to look out for Disclosure Request on Atlantic DBS (should be within 3-4 days)
4. The Appointments Secretary will email the referees ( if required) and monitor response
5. GSL/ESL will process DBS check when/where appropriate.
6. The Appointments Secretary will send applicant details to appropriate District training team to arrange starting modules
7. The Appointments Secretary will advise GSL/ESL when references received or if no reply in 2 weeks will advise that they will need chasing up
8. Vetting department (HQ) will send email alert to the Appointments Secretary when DBS has been issued
9. When all info received, the Appointments Secretary will arrange Appointments Panel Interview and advise GSL/ESL
10. On successful completion of Appointments panel, the Appointments Secretary will obtain approval of District Commissioner
11. This should then control the process to get new person to Provisional Appointment
12. On completion of initial training modules, the District training team will email the Membership Department at HQ to advise completion of training and request input into Compass to create the full appointment for the new Member. The email will also request HQ to issue a Compass Username and Password and to generate login id to Atlantic DBS. HQ will issued these details by email to the new Member

This procedure will ensure that the various stages of the process will be recorded and new applications will be monitored for proper implementation.

The procedure will be modified and communicated in line with any changes in the HQ system.