6th Solihull Take to the High Seas

Typhoon and Vulcan Troop Scouts from 6th Solihull spent an amazing weekend in mid-June on board a 49ft Oyster Ketch with Adventures Offshore based from Ipswich Marina.
What an adventure they had, learning how to crew the boat and as an added bonus, the weather was amazing.

Read Charlottes, a 12 year Scout, account of the weekend:

“On the 30th June to 2nd of July, 8 Typhoon and Vulcan Scouts from 6th Solihull set sail from Ipswich out to the beautiful sea.

Being one of these lucky few, I have to acknowledge the help from both our leaders from Solihull and also the lovely crew who helped us on the boat.

During my time on the boat, I now know how to helm a boat, set up main sails, adapted my skills of perseverance and teamwork and also added 5 new knots to my knowledge as well.

For many of us, this was our first time sailing on any boat, and I think we can all agree that the trip was a unique experience for all of us.

Not looking on the practical side of things, the trip brought people together who had never spoken to each from different troops within the group to working and laughing alongside each other.

I have the one to point out that we all had an amazing time on the trip and that we won’t forget it for a very long time.

It’s an experience I would recommend to anyone of any age or ability and I would be happy to do it again.
Thank you”

6th Solihull is happy with their experience if you are thinking of something similar they would thoroughly recommend “Adventures Offshore” for this experience.